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上田 竜也 Ueda Tatsuya's Prowess @ turf_fanfix
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Tatsuya Ueda Real Fans = TURF: get your fix of Tacchan-centric fanfictions here!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the TURF or turf_fanfix! This is our TURF.
It’s an acronym for Tatsuya Ueda Real Fans!
Get your fix of fan fictions centered around our sexy boy, Ueda Tatsuya.

*PLEASE VISIT OUR SISTER COMMUNITY for more Tacchan Love: thesexgods

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Lovely TURF members:
Thank you so much for being involved in our TURF family! Your active participation in producing more Tacchan love is deeply appreciated! Happy Writing! ^^

Also, please keep in mind, to constantly check the RULES *once in a while* -- since if new circumstances arise, addition, deletion, or modification of the RULES MAY result.

For new members:
First of all, you're most definitely welcome to our TURF. Please read the RULES first, before you proceed. Again, happy writing!

Thank you everyone! ^^

1. The main character MUST be our pretty boy, Ueda Tatsuya (the U of KAT-TUN).
Ie: Pairings = Ryoda, Jinda, Pida, Kameda, Maruda, Uchida, Hiroda, Junda, Kokida, etc, etc.
*Note: If you write a 3some, Ueda Tatsuya must prevail at the end!
(Ie: If your 3some is Akameda, then, Ueda Tatsuya must win over whomever he's against!
Hence, the ending should either result to a Jinda or a Kameda!
Reminder: This is an Ueda Tatsuya-centric community!)

2. Please tag your posts with:
Author: ____________
Pairing: ____________ *Note: Only tag main pairings!
*In this way, we could all easily search up either our favourite authors or our favourite pairings!

3. When posting a fic, please use the format below (optional):
A/N: (optional)

*Note: Of course, if you already have a format of your own, you may use that instead.

4. If you'd like to advertise your community, you may do so, but make sure that it's a KAT-TUN fanfiction-related community. Also, please tag it as: *advertisement. In addition, advertisements unrelated to fanfiction are NOT allowed.

5. Tacchan's birthday is October 4, 1983. Hence, every 4th of October, (as avid UT-fans) a birthday post will be created by a mod (exactly at midnight), so please DO NOT make new posts.

6. For members who LOVE to share urgent Ueda Tatsuya related goodies, you are NOW permitted to do so (such as graphics, reports, etc). However, keep in mind that this is first and foremost, a fanfiction community. You are only allowed to do so, because although your post isn't fanfiction related, it's still Ueda Tatsuya-centric. Hence, since you took the time and effort to share such Tacchan love, I'll give it 48 hours before deleting your post. Furthermore, if your post isn't Ueda Tatsuya-centric at all, it will be automatically deleted without any warning, whatsoever. We've created thesexgods to place your beautiful graphics!

7. When posting to the community, all stories must be under an LJ-cut.

8. All posts containing fiction or links to fiction rated R or NC-17 must be memberslocked in this community.

9. Only use Livejournal’s default font size and color.
Actually, I'm not very particular with regards to which fonts you use. Thus, you are welcome to use whichever font you desire.

10. No TyPinG LiEK DiSs. No sticky caps.

11. All stories must be in English or include an English translation.

12. Fic banners are allowed, but must be 300x300 pixels or smaller or under an LJ- cut.

13. Please be respectful to the people and the contents within the community.
*Note: This community DEFINITELY does NOT tolerate negativity:

I. Please don't criticize any material that 'you' remain clueless of.
Basically, if 'you' don't understand the "real essence" of a given subject, then please refrain from criticizing anyone or anything because it's simply unfair.

II. Please keep in mind that your anonymity isn't and shouldn't be an excuse to hurt other people's feelings by offending them. Be responsible even when online because if it were in the 'real world' rather than 'cyber world' -- you'd definitely be punished (one way or another) by higher authorities for any trouble you cause, isn't that right? With that in mind, please use caution and be more sensitive of other people's feelings (especially when globalization's at work -- hence, we're all from different cultures with differing beliefs and values; for example, there are people who are more sensitive about a given subject than others, etc). Now, even though our beliefs and values may differ, R E S P E C T remains universal. What you wouldn't do in the 'real world', shouldn't be done in 'cyber world'; just like what 'you' wouldn't do when you're sober, shouldn't be done when you're drunk.

III. Of course, we all possess the right to freedom of speech; however, please don't abuse it by saying hateful and non-sensical things since it is unwanted and unnecessary. Besides, such a right is a mere privilege -- our ancestors all worked hard for it. Saying hurtful things is the same as cyber-bullying since you are uttering psychological and emotional crap and again, it is intolerable.

*Reminder: Again, any form of negativity is NOT tolerated at all. You will be banned from this community.

*1. We have an exclusive, members only, accessible Youtube Channel. If you'd like to post UT-centric videos, UT english subbed videos, UT radio, video fanfictions, video birthday tributes, anniversary tributes, congratulatory/celebratory tributes, etc:
Please click here

*2. Also, we have an exclusive, members only, accessible Twitter account. It's main use is for UT-centric fanfiction prompts: Please click here

*Note 1: For newbies and veteran authors alike, here's a chance for you to introduce yourself to everyone in the community or to merely talk about yourself or Tacchan: Please click here
(Also, if you're looking for a specific fanfic or if you have questions, in general, please post it on the link provided above).

*Note 2: If you'd like to compile all of your past works into one post, here's the instructions on how to organize it:
Please click here

Thank you so much, everyone! Happy writing!

-Erika lonely_heartz & Ami oxokawaiiox

1. nymphetamosa of destinationxnow makes the most beautiful colorbars! I love her! ♥ Thank you so much!
2. storm_chan of KAT-TUN Signal is sharing her KAT-TUN Song playlist (200+ songs) which has rare rips, songs & etc, at:


3. azuleanna KAT-TUN: ♥ Music Box Songs
4. gackutolove KAT-TUN: Videos & Akanishi Jin's Album.
5. chikara21 Cartoon KAT-TUN.
6. newshfan English Subbed.
7. Johnny's Community Toolbar.
8. kaze_no_tegami is a community where you can download a whole lot of goodies!

1. kimmyxfleur of okimiyage for our layouts! It's beautiful! ^^
2. nymphetamosa of destinationxnow for our beautiful colorbars!
3. iriswee of whimsicaltouts for awesome userpics! ^^
4. rekkoi for the awesome userpics!
5. shebe06 for the Tacchan userpic!

1. thesexgods our SISTER COMMUNITY!
2. destinationxnow
3. kaze_no_tegami
4. captain_u
5. akame27_a_day


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